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My Self Portrait Designer Looks 4 Way Less!

I feel like this post has been a long time coming! I started doing a few of these designer looks for less a few months back and I got so many messages from you ladies about the fit, look, quality, etc. Especially once I saw Khloe rocking this for a baby shower and paired it with some snakeskin pumps I knew I had to finally break it down here on the blog!

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I have been a little reluctant to do a post on these looks since I know some people feel it's a straight rip off of designer looks. I agree to an extent, but honestly, I feel like nowadays I see the same exact pieces sold in different stores with different tags. I know a designer like Self Portrait (which is a lot of the looks I'm showing here) has a very unique style, but I've seen large retailers like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom carry the same "style" within their own private label. So, just a little disclaimer if you're reading this and feel some type of way!

Alright now to the finds! The dress to the left is from Self Portrait lace frill mini dress that runs about $500. I absolutely love the cut and detail. It totally checks the box in every aspect for my feminine and flirty style. But the price tag is steep. When looking to see if I could find it on sale I came across this Ebay store that got great reviews and was selling their version for $80. I took a gamble and thought the money was worth the risk, and OMG was I so pleasantly surprised! It is a spitting image of the original from fabric, to the pocket detail to the color.

As far as sizing goes, it's similar to the way Self Portrait works. It runs small so size up if you're not sure. I got a size small and it fits fine but in that way where you can't eat too much because a little stratch makes it uncomfy to wear!

It's seriously the prettiest little frock you'll ever see! It's from this STORE on Ebay and I've bought a few other pieces that I'm equally in love with which I'm sharing below.

This next dress is a fave of mine. I love the deep wine color and I've always had a thing for long sleeved mini dresses. This is not a dead on replica but pretty close. I got a size small and feel I could've gotten XS for a more fitted look but I love the comfort fit of this. It's sold out in this color but available in a pretty baby blue hue here.

It's also just about $40 whereas the high end version is close to $400!

I love stripes and frills and this Self Portrait top has both. The version I'm wearing will run you about $30 and it's not exact but it's a really cute blouse regardless. I went with a medium because I'm never sure with button downs and how they fit on my chest but it's pretty true to size. Also, this shirt, event the high end version, is hard for me to style. I love it with high waisted shorts, jeans or a skirt but it falls a little straight and is boxy so I wouldn't personally wear it tucked out.

The shoulder detail is so sweet and similar to the first dress I posted. The cotton is nice and not too stiff as well.

I paired mine with some high waisted suede shorts from Zara from 2 seasons ago and Steve Madden lace up heels (also older and sold out).

This Self Portrait dress is so chic and cute but out of all of them definitely not one I would spend $500 on. It's just somethign I feel like I'd wear once and be done with. So when I found it for $80 here. I was game and I'm glad I did. However, it is short so size up! I could've done a medium and felt more comfortable wearing this to a shower or day party. The bell sleeves are so cute and I love the white and black color palette. It's so Parisian to me!

Lastly, this pink Self Portrait dupe is so sweet. I got it for about $80 as well and it's perfect for almost any occasion you have.

This is another dead ringer dupe from fabric to fit to feel. So there you have it! A few of my must-have favorite high end dupes from a brand I wish I could have every item of in my closet. I hope you ladies found this post useful!

Happy shopping loves!




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