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5 Minute Hairstyles From Home & Family TV

I was so excited to be on Home & Family TV this week to share 2 of my fave under 5 minute hairstyles. Click here if you missed it! It's also re-airing tomorrow (4/18) at 12pm PST on the Hallmark Channel!

I started with a braided top knot with messy waves. Top knots can be a little intimidating because they're supposed to look effortless but can sometimes take a lot of effort! Here's a trick I find that helps me a lot - secure your hair in a elastic then liberally spray with texture spray (my fave is Amika) and then tease it. Then twirl it into a top knot and secure with a few bobby pins. I promise it's been a game changer for me! Also, spray and tease the sides of your hair too so you don't look like an egg head! Step-by-step is below:

Step 1: Spritz dry shampoo all over hair to get volume and quickly curl hair (this doesn't have to be perfect!)

Step 2: french braid the top portion of your hair up to the crown. You can just tease and tie into an elastic too..don't fret if you can't braid!

Step 3: Spray texture spray to pony and tease before creating a top knot

Step 4: Create a topknot by swooping around the nest you created with the tease and secure with bobby pins

Step 5: Spray texture spray and tease sides of hair so volume is balanced

My second 'do looks way more intricate that it really is! I'm showing pics below so you can see how easy it really is. Basically just separate hair into 3 braids and roll up into buns at the nape of your neck:

Step 1: Tease hair at the crown to create volume

Step 2: gather hair at crown and secure with boppy pins

Step 3: Separate hair into 3 sections a braid, fishtail or even just twist! Secure with elastics

Step 4: Roll up into buns at the nape of your neck and secure with bobby pins

Step 5: Curl any fringe you have for a nice boho look. I love my Conair infiniti Pro 1.25" curling iron

Step 6: You have a gorgeous up-do!!!! This is also great for dirty hair & hot summer days!

Remember, hair is supposed to be fun! There are no rules! I hope you guys just find some inspo for new looks in case you've been on the hunt to try something new!!! Full video below:


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