• Ami Desai

Designer Dupe of the Week!

Hi Loves! I am all about a good frill dress and this airy off-shoulder dress from Misa Los Angeles is so gorgeous! However, I just couldn't get myself to spending $300 on it! I definitely have no problem investing in good pieces but mainly those I know will be staples and I can re-wear over and over. Anyways, I was close to purchasing this dress when I happened to find an almost exact dead ringer from Amazon! And you won't believe the price tag!!! Click HERE to find out how much this pretty little number is! And don't forget to follow me on the app! It's the easiest way to directly shop my looks or just visit my SHOP tab here on my blog!

Aside from the double ruffle top this dress is pretty spot on to the original. It also comes in this blush pink or navy blue like the designer one.

I also wore this to a luncheon and everyone was in love! It's perfect for summer and really any occasion. The elastic waistband makes it maternity friendly too for my expecting mamas!

Happy shopping ladies!




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