• Ami Desai

2 Summer Hairstyles You'll Want To Try!!

Hi Lovelies! Summer is in full swing and I was back on Home & Family to go over 2 super easy hairstyles that are perfect for summa' time!

First up are those mermaid waves that look so effortless but can actually be pretty hard to do. You can braid damp hair before bed or try with a rod iron, but if you're not good with either, have no fear because this tool right here (or below) will do the trick in seconds. This baby is under $30 and is amazing. It's fool proof and waves hair in just minutes (video below on how I use this).

Bed Head Deep Waver: $24.95

The second look is just too cute to not try out!! I love creating hairstyles that look really difficult to do but are a cinch. This is no braiding or intricacies. Literally twisting hair. Full segment below to see what I'm talking about!

I'd love to hear what you want to see next so let me know below!! Until then, hope you try these styles out!!




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